Know About Retreats Of Italy

In order to lead a healthy life you definitely need to follow a proper balanced diet, do exercises and yoga regularly. Now if we talk about what yoga is then yoga is the art of life.It is the group of physical ,mental and spiritual practices and disciplines. Yoga actually originated from Indiaand that too years and years ago. It is the 5000 years old Indian body of knowledge. Every year 21 June is observed as international day of yoga. No matter how old you are no matter you are young, that is the physical beauty if yoga, no matter what your age is all you have to do is come to your mat. This word is actually derived from Sanskrit that means union of the individual consciousness. Now if we talk about the retreat then it is not like daily school or prison where you have to do work whole day, in retreat once in morning and once in afternoon you practice daily and they are usually held on beach or in open air decks.

  • Here we will be talking about Retreats in Italy.Talking about the best retreat then name of abundance yoga retreat will always come on the top.
  • The main motive of their retreat is self- inquiry, self empowerment and self love that should be the goal of life.
  • They teach how to love the natural beauty of nature. They teach how to nourish mind, mind and soul. They are one of the best retreats in Italy.

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