Why Animal Hunting Is Carried Out?

Since ages hunters are hunting the animals for various reasons without realizing the fact that it is an illegal act. Killing of animals is being done for several reasons. These are:

  1. For food- Years ago tribal people to overcome their hunger killed animals and their young ones. Over the years animal hunting was taken up as a profession by many people. According to studies hunting of animals has been stopped to some extent but still there are many places where people hunt animals such as tiger for their survival. Go to 먹튀검증 for further details
  2. Traditional beliefs- Many decades ago tribes killed animals as a part of their culture. They believed that their sins will be removed if they served their god dead animals. Still today there are many places where animals are being killed to worship god.
  3. For clothing- In the ancient times when the life was not fully developed as it is today, tribes killed animals to cover their body. Tiger skin is usually used as a body covering. Now-a-days hunting of animals is being done for fur, production of clothing, etc. For example, hunting of crocodiles, tigers, leopard etc is done to produce leather and other fabrics. Also, people use tiger skin as a decoration piece to beautify their homes. Practically speaking, this cruel nature of mankind towards animals is a total waste of animal’s lives as it kills them uselessly for human benefits.
  4. For sport and fun- Some people hunt animals for their entertainment.


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